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Alfred Hugenberg (1865-1951)

Last modified: 26 March 2009
Daniel Bovy

February 2009

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In 1890, Hugenberg founded the Alldeutscher Verband (pan Germanic movement), which was the political origin of the Germanenorden (Teutonic Order), a secret society that wanted to congregate all people of German blood. From 1916 to 1920, he succeeded in creating a media empire, in particular when he bought back a big printing works and an information agency. He started politics via the DNVP (Deutschnationale Volkspartei, German National People’s party). He was president of the DNVP from 1928 to 1933. In 1927, he bought the Universum-Film AG, an important company dealing with cinema production. Hugenberg helped the NSDAP in their fight against the Young Plan. With the Harzburg Front, he fought against Brüning. His party was the only one that supported von Papen when he was Chancellor. As he was close to von Papen, Hugenberg played a significant role in the election of Hitler as Chancellor. After the dissolution of his party, he was invited to become a member of the Nazi party. In 1933, Hitler proposed that he become Minister of Economy and Agriculture but Hugenberg had in fact no political influence. He resigned after he observed violence committed by the SA against young people favorable to his political party.

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